What is Big Heart Healing?

Big Heart Healing is an approach to personal discovery, exploration, and healing that utilizes a variety of modalities including the Big Mind/Big Heart process, meditation, and techniques from Western psychotherapy. Big Heart Healing is focused on helping us open our hearts to the full experience of life as authentic, unique beings in the world. Through workshops, retreats, and individual sessions, Dr. Paul Thielking utilizes what he has learned in his 20+ years as a psychiatrist and Big Mind/Zen student to facilitate the process of personal growth, healing past wounds, and changing patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating to others. To heal means to make Whole, and Big Heart Healing aims to help people discover their own Wholeness and realize their fullest potential. 

What is the Big Mind/Big Heart Process?

Big Mind/Big Heart is a process created by Zen master Genpo Merzel Roshi as a skillful means to share Zen teaching. The Big Mind/Big Heart process integrates wisdom from Zen Buddhism with techniques from a psychotherapy process called Voice Dialogue, developed by Hal and Sidra Stone. The Big Mind/Big Heart process is intended to help participants transcend limiting self-concepts, habitual patterns, and attachments to experience their true nature and explore their deepest sense of meaning and purpose in life.  Big Mind/Big Heart is compatible with any faith, and participation does not require any experience with Zen.

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