January 02, 2018
Listening Photo by on Unsplash

How much time do we take to listen? To really listen deeply, not just with our ears, but with our entire being?

 Take a moment now and tune your awareness inward. Notice what is present right here in the moment. What is happening within your self? Listen to your body. Notice your thoughts. What emotions are stirring? Tune into the subtle energy that flows through your body. Simply listening, without judgment, without needing to label, to understand, to comprehend. Simply listening to what is there. Let it emerge right here in this moment. Now extend your listening outward. Notice the sounds of your environment. Go beyond the most obvious, dominant sounds in your awareness and notice more subtle sounds. Again, have the intention of listening with your entire being, with every pore and cell of your body.

Notice that beyond the subtle sounds in your field of awareness, there is a silent spaciousness. Tune in to the silence beyond the sounds. Rest in the silence that the sounds arise from and return to. Experiment with this deep attitude of listening as you move out into your normal daily activity. The next time you have a conversation with someone, give that person your deepest undivided attention. If you are outdoors listen as fully as you can to the sounds that surround you. Simply listen, being completely present with things as they are.

As you listen deeply, reflect for a moment. What is it you need most? What do you need physically, emotionally, in relationships? What does your spirit yearn for? Now expand outward and reflect on what do others need from you? What does the world need from you? If this resonates, you can make a practice of deep listening.